Robby Glantz Powerskating 2018


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Starzone Sports and Robby Glantz Internationell Power Skating invites to Powerskating with Robby Glantz Camp in Från Stan Hallen in Spånga (Stockholm)

During 5 days you will get exclusive Powerskating sessions with world renowed and famous from NHL tonight powerskating coach Robby Glantz. Together with Starzones leading Skills Coaches you will get the ultimate Powerskating experience with and without the puck. This is as close as training as an NHL Pro you can come as a youth player.

Robby Glantz is one of the most influential NHL Powerskating coaches responsible for coaching players like Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews. Robby has also worked as a Powerskating coach in 3 different NHL teams.

  • Powerskating with Robby Glantz runs 5 days (Monday through Friday during the Easter Break.
  • Max number of players are 90 divided into three different groups according to age and development status,
  • 3 ice sessiosns and 1 off-ice sessions every day.
  • Hockeyspecific classroom sessions working with being a smarter hockey player.
  • The Camp runs from 08:00 to 17:00 every day.
  • Skating skills and Powerskating drills with parachrtes and resistence straps.
  • Skating influenced puckskills combining skating and stickhandling.


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